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CIHE Speaker Series

2016-2017 Academic Year

May 9, 2017: Professor Hamish Coates explores Innovative Approaches for Enhancing the 21st Century Student Experience
April 3, 2017: Professor Erica Smith discusses Practices, peculiarities and possibilities in apprenticeships

More events are being confirmed for 2017.

Past Events:

October 5, 2016: Dr. Patrick Clancy discussed the impact of transnational actors in Ireland’s Higher Education Policy cihe-speaker-series-10-05

October 19, 2016: Dr. Thomas Deissinger discussed Vocation Education and Training in Germany cihe-speaker-series-10-19

October 24, 2016: Donna Heslin spoke about regional innovation partnerships and the City of Mississauga cihe-speaker-series-10-24

November 2, 2016: Dr. Roger Pizarro Milian shared insight on the Canadian For-Profit College Sector cihe-speaker-series-11-02

November 15, 2016: Olivier Bégin-Caouette discussed Scientific Capital Accumulation in Nordic Higher Education Systems cihe-speaker-series-11-15

November 22, 2016: Eric Lavigne spoke about his Study of Canadian Universities’ Appointment Announcements cihe-speaker-series-11-22

November 30, 2016: Dr. Greg Moran and Lauren Hudak led a Panel Discussion on HEQCO’s Essential Adult Skills Initiative: Postsecondary Education Learning Outcomes Assessment cihe-speaker-series-11-30

January 19, 2017: Ted Sargent spoke about his global vision for U of T cite cihe-speaker-series-1-19

January 25, 2017: Dr. Gavin Moodie discussed Universities, Disruptive Technologies, and Continuity in Higher Education: The Impact of Information Revolutions cihe-speaker-series-1-25

February 13, 2017: Emma Sabzalieva and Hayfa Jafar discussed Global Events in Higher Ed Policy cihe-speaker-series-02-13

February 28, 2017: Kathleen Moore, Jonathan Turner and Monica Munaretto: Institutional Activity Supporting Graduate Student Needs (Panel Discussion) cihe-speaker-series-02-28

March 9, 2017: Dr. Avi Hyman explored what the ‘E’ in eLearning really means  cihe speaker series – 03-9

March 21, 2017: Dr. Richard Wiggers discusses The Attraction, Realities, and Outcomes of Pursuing a Doctorate CIHE Speaker SERIES 03.21

CIHE Speaker Series events are free and open to the public.