A new report by Diane Barbaric provides a comprehensive review of government-led outbound student mobility policies and programs in both Ontario and at the federal level.

Increasing the international mobility of domestic students in both Ontario and Canada has been mentioned in recent reports as a means of increasing experiential learning, employability, and the labour mobility of students. It has also been discussed as a way of allowing Canadian and Ontario students to gain further insight into global issues. However, Canada has yet to set any outward student mobility targets.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.13.02 PMThe report analyzes ten years (2005–2015) of outbound student mobility policies and programs across ministries as well as policies and positions of key provincial and national postsecondary (PS) stakeholder organizations. It discusses how both the Ontario government and the federal government support a limited number of outbound student mobility programs for university students, but these programs are hard to find. Further, international education has not been a priority in the advocacy agenda of student groups. Read full report.